Top Quality Workforce with No Upfront Costs!

By using the STINTR app, you can collaborate with local businesses to find same day jobs, allowing you to work where you want and when you want.

Dynamic Hiring

Workers ready to accept a job in minutes by swiping. Business post jobs in seconds and only pay when the job is successfully completed by accepting.

Reliable Sourcing

Work-on-demand opportunities can cost far less than traditional sourcing methods courtesy of our technology. Our star-rating system for both Campaigners and STINTRs acts as a natural check and balance, promoting good behaviour and quality interactions.


Pre-screening allows companies and workers using the app to connect in minutes.


Looking to hire on demand?

At STINTR, we know how difficult it can be to find on demand workers to fill temporary positions quickly. Using STINTRs technology, you can access a top quality, pre-screened workforce who are ready to accept jobs in minutes. Both the STINTR app and platform membership are free. You only pay a modest, fixed percentage fee for our technology on a per-use basis. STINTR is an ideal solution for quick, seasonal hires in a world of sharing economy and powerful world or technology to help fulfil business opportunities.



Looking for work on demand?

STINTR is a new concept of a resource-sharing application to hit the market. It’s intuition and efficiency allows people using the app to find additional work virtually anytime. STINTR’s matching technology locates companies using the app the moment a user enters her/his desired work availability. Make an additional income using your downtime or days off.


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STINTR That Easy

Get the APP

Download the free STINTR app and sign up to start your next Stint


Get set up in minutes, on demand screening and ready to work compliances

Accept the Job

If the job is right for you, swipe right to apply, no interview, no resumes, wait for the approval and get started.

Complete the Job

Once the job is successfully completed, you will be rated on your performance and provided ratings for your next Stint.

Get Paid

Once Complete and approved by the employer you will get paid immediately!

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Start your stint now. Get Paid Instantly. Work on your terms.

STINTR connects you with immediate stint with an easy swipe, hourly or daily jobs allowing you to work where and when you want with immediate pay!