Your First STINT

25-11-2020 At 9:39 AM

Your First STINT

25-11-2020 At 9:39 AM

Attention part-time workers, AZ/DZ drivers, seasonal workers, general labourers, and painters for hire! 


Now, that you’ve downloaded the app, completed the onboarding process, and accepted your first job, it’s time to get ready for that first STINT. However, while just about every STINT and every STINTR is different, there’s a simple way to put yourself in a position to excel with STINTR. Just remember the Five Ps: Prepared, Punctual, Professional, Polite, and Positive. 



For a first-time STINTR, there’s always a bit of mystery in accepting that first job. Obviously, you want to be mentally prepared to work, but you should also be prepared for other contingencies. The best starting point is to always read the job description you’re provided when you accept a job. As that comes straight from the Campaigner (company), the job description will give you the best guidepost on how to prepare for that job, where to be, what to expect, what you might need, who your point of contact will be, and even some “dos and don’ts.” Familiarize yourself with the job description, know what you need to bring or wear (such as steel-toe or non-slip shoes or a specific dress code), know where the job is, and make sure you have everything ready so that you can arrive prepared and ready to work. 

While preparing for the job is one important element, remember to look out for yourself too. For instance, if you need medication during the course of the job, make sure you have it on hand. If you choose to take a break for lunch or dinner, either have money to buy food or bring your own. The same goes for shorter break periods. If you think you’ll need food, water, coffee, or some other beverage during the course of the job, make sure to bring some with you, as not every STINT has vending machines on site. 

Finally, make sure your phone is fully charged and in good working order. Remember that you clock in and clock out through the STINTR app, and you may not be able to do that if your phone battery is dead or you’re unable to access the app. And, on the back end of all that, make sure to have your payment information up to date so that, when you do finish that first job, you can get paid! 



So now that you’re prepared, the next step is to get to the job. Be. On. Time! 

Campaigners use STINTR because it provides a platform to connect with a large number of diverse and able workers like you. Using STINTR can save them money and time. But, if you’re late, you actually cost them time and money. Specific directions and a reporting location are usually part of the job description you’re provided, so if you aren’t familiar with the route or the area, take the time figure out where you’re going, how you’ll get there, and how long you’ll need to make the trip. Plan a route and be familiar with secondary options should you encounter delays. 

Avoid being late by planning to arrive early. It’s far better to get there early and have time to spare or, if you wish, mentally prepare for the job, than it is to arrive late and have to rush into your first STINT. Think of arriving on time as another opportunity to get ahead in your first STINT. Finally, remember that Campaigners will rate your performance, and arriving late will always make a poor first impression. And that’s a bad way to start a new STINT. 



While working a STINT can be fun and a good way to meet new people, your primary focus should always be on getting the job done to the best of your ability. That means always approaching the STINT with a professional attitude. While it can take many forms depending on the job, being professional can mean keeping your phone stowed away and/or limiting social interactions unless you’ve chosen to take a break or finished work, focusing on your safety and that of other people working in your area, simply applying yourself to the work, or just being proactive in seeking additional opportunities to help out while on the job. 

In addition to a professional attitude, make sure your look is professional as well by making sure what you wear is appropriate for the workplace you’re entering (this will be dependent on whether you are in a seasonal, general labour, AZ/DZ driver, or painting position). If you’ll be interacting with the public, you’ll also be representing both the Campaigners and STINTR, so dress accordingly. And, while it may be tempting to express your own style along the way, it’s best to leave the flair at home. If you keep your mind on your work, the job will work out just fine. 



While it could also fall under the professional heading, the recommendation to be polite should go without saying. Being polite will make it easier to relate to people who are also working in the same area as you. If you’re polite and easy to work with, you can also get more work done, faster. Of course, if you’re also working with STINTR to meet new people, being polite to people who are also working in your area can help with that! 



The last thing to do before you head to your first STINT is to be positive. A positive, “can-do” attitude will help you quickly gain the respect of the Campaigner and other people who work in your area while it also helps you deal with any stress the job may create. Plus, being positive means, you’ll look for solutions rather than focusing on a problem, you’ll be able to see other opportunities, and it will help with your constructive and critical thinking. The other, and most beneficial, element of taking a positive attitude with you to your first STINT is that doing so will boost your self-esteem and help make you happier overall. 

So, now that you’ve got the Five Ps down and you’re ready to roar into your first STINT, remember one more P as you go forward; Pattern. Use the five Ps as a pattern for all your subsequent STINTR jobs. Always be prepared, punctual, professional, polite, and positive when you work a STINT. While it might take some persistence, you’ll also get higher ratings and that means greater opportunities for more work. And more work will give you one more P… more pay!