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1. How much does it cost to register with STINTR ?

  • Nothing! There is absolutely no charge for you to create an account on STINTR. Creating an account is free and open to anyone.

2. What can I do if I can't remember my STINTR login information?

  • If you can't remember your STINTR password, you can trigger a password request to retrieve it.

3. Can I save jobs to apply to later?

  • If you create an account on STINTR you can save jobs to your dashboard to apply to later. You must be logged in to access this feature.

4. Can I get an alert when a job I'm interested in is posted?

  • Absolutely! We highly recommend you sign up on STINTR to see any jobs that interest you and on your desired time availability.

5. Do I need a resume?

  • No all information is captured on our onboarding process and once completed and accepted by our STINTR team you are ready to apply for any STINT and get started right away.

6. Why does STINTR ask for a profile picture?

  • We do this to verify that you are the person showing up to the STINT. The employers can see that you are you onsite and accept you once you arrive on time for your job.

7. Does STINTR offer benefits?

  • No, because we do not employ those workers using our technology to connect with companies.

8. How does finding a job through STINTR work?

  • STINTR is a new concept of a resource-sharing application to hit the market by swiping right to accept or swipe left to decline job. It is intuitive and efficient it allows users to find additional work virtually anytime. As soon as the user enters his/her desired work availability, STINTR finds companies with a requirement. STINTR users that are looking to make additional dollars, while utilizing their down time or days off.