Covid Safety on the Jobsite

28-06-2021 At 8:22 AM





What if you could meaningfully increase the wages you command as a STINTR for a small amount of time and out-of-pocket funds? What if we told you that in just a few hours you could meaningfully increase your marketability? Simply put, it’s possible. Our Campaigners (Companies) hold several traits in high regard, including (1) WSIB certification, (2) AZ/DZ license, (3) WHIMIS certification, (4) Smart Serve certification, (5) forklift license, (6) first aid and CPR, (7) criminal record checks, and (8) ladder training, to name but a few. So, why not spend some time on these areas to open yourself up to a greater number of higher-paying STINTs? 



With labour supply-demand dynamics where they are, YOU have the golden opportunity to increase your value to the marketplace and we’d like to help you get there. As a part-time worker, general labourer, seasonal worker, or painter for hire, you already have an extensive skillset. With a strong star rating and that substantial skillset, the sky is the limit.  


Remember to list all of your skills so that eager Campaigners can recognize talent when they see it! 


Before going over desirable skillsets it's important to understand general COVID safety. 


Covid Safety on the Jobsite


As the world returns to normal, general labourer for hire positions have become safer due to vaccine distribution and necessary precautions implemented, making it the perfect time to maximize your skills and find on-demand jobs that best fit your schedule!

We ask that you carefully read the individual safety measures Campaigners specify in their job descriptions to ensure as a STINTR you are prepared to enter the job site. This may include requirements to bring masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves to work (different requirements may be instructed for painter positions).

Below is a set of resources, tips and best practices to help STINTRs prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace and stay safe while working with new people. 

Wear a mask at all times – Make sure to wear a new mask for each STINT and avoid touching your face. Masks are worn as a source of control to protect those around you, and as personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect the wearer. 


Follow social distancing rules – Avoid large groups, stay 6 feet apart, and limit non-essential visits.


Wash or disinfect your hands - Ensure to wash your hands for 20-30 seconds, before wearing your mask and after taking the mask off.


Avoid carpooling if possible - Wear a mask if there are other people in the vehicle and try to limit the number of people in the car.


Know the symptoms – Make sure that you are familiar with the symptoms and contact STINTR if you experience any symptoms prior to your STINT or after your STINT. If someone in your home is sick, practice everyday preventive actions.


Create safe spaces – Ensure that shared spaces used for eating and taking breaks are well-ventilated and allow for maintained physical distance. Some actions can include positioning chairs and tables apart, removing furniture that can cause crowding, and taking breaks/eating in outdoor spaces. 


Get vaccinated – The most effective way to protect yourself from the virus is by getting vaccinated. Make sure to book your 1st or 2nd dose if eligible and check the links below for more information.

For general vaccine information, case data, and information on the Volunteer Response Team, check out the links below! 

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