Becoming WHMIS Certified

13-08-2021 At 11:21 AM

At STINTR, our companies tell us what they’re looking for in the perfect candidate! We want to build your personal portfolio of skills and certifications to get you the jobs you want! If you have some time on your hands and want to become qualified for more general labour and painting gigs, take an afternoon and become WHMIS certified!

As a part-time worker, general labourer, seasonal worker, or painter for hire you already have an extensive skill set. You have the golden opportunity to increase your value to the marketplace, and we’d like to help you get there! Once you're WHMIS certified, be sure to include it in your STINTR bio!

With a WHMIS certificate, you will be educated in specific safety precautions, emergency procedures, handling and use requirements, required PPE, where to find it, and how it’s used, specialized policies and procedures, emergency procedures for specific hazardous products, how to access safety data sheets (SDSs) at a workplace, and workplace labeling requirements.

The WHMIS program was designed to protect and ensure safety in the workplace by informing workers about the dangers and hazards associated with substances and materials that may be on the job site. The main goal of acquiring your WHMIS certificate is to protect yourself and your co-workers on the job site and participate in identifying and controlling these hazards.

A WHMIS certificate is issued after you’ve taken a designated WHMIS training course, either provided through an employer or taken independently. Most workplaces that deal with hazardous materials have implemented WHMIS programs in their workplace. 

Although it’s important to obtain the certificate, it's more important to retain the knowledge you acquire from the program in order to perform work responsibilities safely. If obtaining your WHMIS certificate, ensure your training materials are always up to date.

At STINTR, you will be completing a self-taught program. With this method, there is less opportunity for group discussion and feedback, so it is critical to choose a program where you will be successful in your learning.


Videos and Manuals

- Non-interactive communication methods

- High production quality and detailed manuals  

- Workbook component


- Fast and convenient 

- Cheap alternative 

- Printable certificate 

- Up to date classes

- Progress reports 

- Self-paced

- Can be completed in as little as 60-90 minutes


 WHMIS Certificate: How to Get Yours

WHMIS training contributes to reduced injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. WHMIS certificates are available in both full-sized documents (8.5x11), wallet cards, and electronic format. Wallet cards and digital copies are more convenient to carry around, which is important considering you may need to present it on the job site. 

If you’re taking the training from a WHMIS training provider, be sure that they’re a reputable source and their program is current. Obtaining your WHMIS certificate costs $10 - $24.95 depending on the program. 

Some WHMIS training is offered online for free but the quality is often lacking. Free online programs are also not always updated. You should only take training programs that cover both WHMIS 1988 and WHMIS 2015.

Good WHMIS training will arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to prevent injuries, serious illnesses, and even death. The biggest takeaway is safety and protecting yourself and those around you. 


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