How to Obtain your Smart Serve Certification

08-09-2021 At 8:36 AM

At STINTR, we want you to be qualified for every job position on the app. As more event service companies are looking for an extra hand there are more opportunities! If you have some extra time and want to be qualified for another vertical at STINTR, then you should get your Smart Serve certification! You have this golden opportunity to increase your skillset, and we’d like to help you get there. Once you’re Smart Serve certified, don’t forget to include it in your STINTR bio.


Smart Serve Ontario works to educate and train others on responsible alcohol service that is aligned with public safety. They offer two training programs, individual and organization training. With a Smart Serve certificate, you will be able to serve and handle alcohol in Ontario. You can be any age to complete this certificate, however, you must be 18 years old to serve and handle alcohol in a licensed establishment. If you have not completed your Smart Serve training before, then you would complete the individual certification. 


Smart Serve Certificate: How to Get Yours


The individual training program can be completed through in-class training or any time online.  


To sign up for an in-class program, please view the applicable training sites here. After you learn the content, you will be guided through setting up an online account to take the final test online.


For the online program, you can complete it anytime and it costs $34.95. This program consists of learning modules that contain short videos, games and activities. After you have completed all of the training modules, you will be able to start the final test. This test has to be completed within one sitting, taking approximately 30 mins. You have two attempts to achieve 80% or higher to pass. The test is proctored and then reviewed for an integrity check. Once this is completed your certificate will be released, and you will be able to access your certificate number online. 


Links to get Smart Serve Certified:  


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